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Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Our Fencing Company in Kitchener, Ontario offers Fencing Supplies/ Products across Canada and can also be shipped to the USA.


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Our Fencing Company in Kitchener, Ontario offers Commercial and Residential Fencing Supplies across Canada. Our Fencing Products can also be shipped to the USA.

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With design and simple installation in mind, building your dream deck has never been easier. TruNorth Accuspan composite deck boards feature a dual-embossed grain and come in both grooved and square edge profiles to provide complete flexibility in your design.

The grooved edge Accuspan deck boards are compatible with hidden Slide & Go® fasteners for main deck surfaces. The square edge Accuspan deck boards are perfect for using on trim, stair treads, feature boards, and picture framing patterns. They are also the deck boards you want for direct fastening on main surfaces.

Both decking profiles are certified to meet Canadian, International, and USA building codes and feature our best 25 year warranty for stain and fade so that your deck stays beautiful longer.

Twelve beautiful shades to choose from.

TruNorth Accuspan grooved edge and square edge deck boards are both available in six bold and modern solid colours as well as six variegated hues.

Tropical Walnut



Amazon Grey

Brazilian Cherry


Stone Grey


Ash Grey




Clubhouse Decking

Clubhouse Ultra PVC Decking

Clubhouse Ultra is our top-of-the-line PVC decking, with both cap and core made entirely from plastics. This line will outperform and outlast wooden decking every time while looking incredible, thanks to proprietary embossing technology that creates authentic wood grain design elements. The decking is also eco-friendly and recyclable, and since no wood or wood fillers are used, the decking will not rot, mold, crack, or warp.

Some additional benefits of Clubhouse Ultra PVC Decking include:

  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance 
  • No colour fading
  • No dangerous splinters
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight 
  • Extremely bendable 
  • Top of the line heat dissipation

Clubhouse Ultra PVC deck boards are 1” x 5 1/2” and can be purchased in 12’, 16’, and 20’ lengths. Both grooved and square edges can be chosen. 

Our Ultra PVC Decking is stylish too! Both a “Hardwood” Collection and “Earthtone” Collection are available to choose from. A range of six colours, including Hickory and Walnut, can be chosen from the Hardwood Collection. Four neutral and chic soft tone shades, such as Brookstone or Clay, are available under the Earthtone Collection. 

The Clubhouse Ultra line is also extremely safe, offering you and your family peace of mind. Along with no danger being posed by splinters or loose screws, Clubhouse Ultra has a Class A Flame Spread Index. This certification means that Clubhouse Ultra deck boards can withstand fires longer than boards with any other certification. 

Clubhouse Ultra PVC Decking is guaranteed to outlast and outperform wood decking every time and will provide you with a deck that looks great while also being low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and incredibly safe. 

Clubhouse Legacy PVC Decking

Clubhouse Legacy PVC Decking is our high-end yet extremely affordable line of decking, featuring dual-coloured deck boards in traditional wood shades. This line of decking is also made entirely from plastic, which offers a host of benefits not gained when using wooden decking. 


Legacy PVC Decking offers an array of benefits, including: 

  • Long-lasting
  • Low-maintenance 
  • No colour fading
  • Wood grain patterns created by proprietary embossing technology   
  • No wood or wood fillers to rot, mold, warp, or crack
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely bendable 
  • No dangerous splinters
  • Lightweight 
  • Top of the line heat dissipation

Like all of our PVC decking, Clubhouse Legacy is also highly sustainable. Both the deck board’s cap and core are both made from plastic, meaning no trees need to be cut down to create our decking. What’s more, if you eventually replace your PVC deck, our Legacy decking can be recycled by us, or other PVC recyclers. 

Clubhouse’s Legacy PVC decking isn’t just sustainable and low-maintenance, it’s also stylish! We offer an array of shades of deck board from our darker Hardwood Collection to our more neutral Earthtone Collection. What’s even better is that all of our Clubhouse Legacy PVC Decking is dual-coloured. This feature means that when you purchase Legacy decking, you’ll get two complementary shades on every board, one on each side. This feature makes Legacy decking ideal for use in designs with multiple shades or a different coloured trim – the amount of unique designs you can create is truly endless!   

Clubhouse Legacy PVC Decking will always outlast and outperform wood decking. This line allows you to create an incredible, dual-coloured deck that’s also safe for your family, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly.

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