Aluminum Railings

We are happy to announce that New Trend is now a distributor of Probuilt Aluminum Railing system manufactured by Canadian company BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd. This railing system is your perfect solution for porch, deck and balcony railings - it is beautiful, elegant, long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

Probuilt Railing system is offered in black, white, tudor brown and sandalwood colours and can be installed 36” or 42” high or 60” high wind wall. Nice thing about Probuilt is that it is compatible with two types of pickets (square pickets 5/8” x 5/8” and wide pickets 5/8” x 1 ½”) and with ¼” (6mm) tempered glass panels.

For the 40+ years this system has been around, it has been used across Canada and it has been exported to many countries worldwide. This easy to install aluminum railing system is not only perfect for you, it’s perfect for everyone!

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