Bamboo Fencing Frequently Asked Questions

How will bamboo hold up in our harsh winters?

Bamboo has been used as a construction material in Asia and Africa and South America for millennia. Some parts of Asia experience severe winters and there are standing bamboo structures still today that are centuries old. Please see the question about preservation below.

Will it crack?

Bamboo is a natural wood product and will crack like traditional North American wood fence products. Although very strong, it will display signs of stress cracking from small imperceptible cracks to the odd open expansion crack. This cracking in no way affects the structural rigidity of the bamboo in a fencing application. For best results, we recommend installations that will minimize excessive pressure under movement particularity at stress points (where the galvanized wire crosses through each pole).

How will it Age?

Our natural bamboo panels will grey with prolonged UV exposure. Our smoked bamboo will fade while keeping its rich look. Results will vary depending on where the fencing panels are installed and their exposure to direct UV. For best results, please see the question about preservation below.

How about insects?

We know of no species of insect in Canada that thrives from bamboo consumption. In the case of our smoked panels, the process alone creates an insect barrier.

How can it be installed?

There are virtually infinite possibilities in terms of application of these bamboo panels. Fully framed pressure treated, cedar, aluminium and steel panels for complete fencing applications. Our panels can be used to re-face existing fences, to create strategic privacy barriers in existing chain link and other transparent fencing applications. Bamboo Jungle’s panels can be shaped and articulated to re-face virtually any wall, ceiling or as a pergola with more aggressive protection from the sun. As they are assembled with wire, they can be articulated and to achieve greater height in areas that permit it, can be installed horizontally.

What should be done to preserve it?

Occasionally cleaning in key areas such as around flowerbeds that irrigation may cause mud to splatter will always add to the beauty and longevity of our fence pales. Whenever possible the bamboo should be isolated from the ground or dirt to prevent potential rotting and discolour. Linseed oil (available at most hardware stores) can be mixed 1:1 to 2:1 with turpentine (which will evaporate quickly) and help preserve the natural and smoked colours. You can mix then spray using an atomizer. This process will hydrate and provide a weather screen to reduce fading while protecting it from harsh climates. This should be applied upon installation and then repeated in the Fall of each year. Clear silicone caulking should be applied to the exposed tops of the culms to prevent the infiltration of water and subsequent cracking in high freeze – thaw regions.

Are other sizes available?

Yes. We can accommodate your special order. Please submit dimensions and model name for a quote. Also, allow up to 10 weeks from receipt of deposit for delivery of all special order items.

How is it packaged?

|For small quantities you may receive them in rolls. Our standard 6X8’ panels are available in rolls measuring from 1 – 1.5’ in diameter and 6’ in length. For 6 + panels they will arrive on a 6X4’ pallet. Each roll weighs between 45 and 85 lbs. Handling fees may apply for orders under 12 pieces. Please ask your local dealer. Our 6X8’ steel frames when shipped measure 8’X3.5X2.5” and come in a carton complete with assembly instructions and fasteners.

Will the Coconut string used on Kokomo rot?

No. The coconut string may discolour. It can easily be washed with soapy water to remove the bamboo residue. Spare coconut string can be reordered. You can also treat the coconut string along with the panel as laid out in the answer below about preservation.

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