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New Trend Fencing is a representative of Ducan’s Dek-Master® Vinyl. We stock it in our warehouse all year round with everything you need to build your perfect deck!


  • Dek-Master® Waterproof Vinyl Deck System   
    Dek-Master® vinyl decking is quickly becoming the choice for creating that attractive and functional outdoor living area. The Dek-Master® Vinyl Deck System is the smart way to instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your deck while increasing its functionality.
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  • Easy to Apply
  • Long Lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Low Maintenance

Dek-Master® Vinyl Deck System also works well for marine applications such as boat decks, boat houses, and docks. The Vinyl Deck is also a sensible choice for use on wheelchair ramps. It will adhere to above ground concrete, metal, fiberglass and wood.

Ducan Dek-Master® Vinyl Decking has proven itself! 
Millions of square feet have been applied all over North America, from the extreme cold weather conditions of the Arctic to the arid weather of the South and the rainy climates of Seattle and Vancouver. newtrendfencing
Preventing moisture from entering into wood surfaces stops rot and this is why both Dek-Master® vinyl decking and Dek-Master® Adhesives are waterproof. PVC vinyl has properties that resist mildew and rot, mild acids and alkaline spills, and it successfully repels most stain causing products; including sulfides from acid rain. 
Durable and Fade Resistant Vinyl Decking
Unlike liquid coatings, Dek-Master® vinyl’s textured surface and reflective colour pattern make it only slightly warmer than the air temperature under direct sunlight.  Dek-Master® vinyls are highly fade resistant to UV light and offer excellent colour fastness to keep that new appearance longer! 

Dek-Master® vinyls wear extremely well and will not peel, chip or crack even when exposed to heavy traffic and severe weather conditions.  The embossed pattern of the vinyl also offers excellent non-skid properties, providing sure footing even when wet. 

Ducan Dek-Master® vinyls eliminate the need to paint or stain wooden decks every year. All that is required each Spring is a quick wash with a stiff brush and Ducan’s “The Duke – concentrated all purpose cleaner and degreaser” mixed with warm water and you are ready to enjoy your deck.

Click Here - www.ducan.com for tips on how to install your Dek-Master® system.

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  • New Trend Fencing
  • New Trend Fencing
  • New Trend Fencing

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